Nanken Filling Plant ( Lien Dar Industrial Gas Company)︰

Set up nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide in four vertical tanks of liquid gas for filling in gas cylinder and liquid gases production lines.


Ar & O
2 & N2 Tank

2 Tank

Nanken Filling Plant 1F

LGC(Liquid gases cylinder):
SFlling site for nitrogen, oxygen and argon
  • LIN-G 120kg
  • LOX-G 160kg
  • LAR-G 200kg


Gas cylinder:
Filling site for nitrogen, oxygen and argon.
  • N2 10L~40L/150kg
  • O2 10L~40L/150kg
  • Ar 10L~40L/150kg


Nanken Filling Plant 2F

Gas cylinder︰
Ffilling site not only for N2, O2, Ar, He, etc., but also different proportions of mixed gases are produced here as well.

Pressure-differential method and weight-differential method are used in producing the mixture gases.

Cylinder spinng machine for mixture gases.

Imported specialty gases in inventory:
Inventory for high purity imported specialty gases such as CH4, CF4, SF6 and SiH4, etc. Also provide service for the replacement of high pressure cylinders.


Nanken Filling Plant 3F

Provide water-compressed inspection for cylinders and all the pre-treatment before filling gases.:

Cylinder heating machine


Cylinder Dryer


Cylinder of water-compressed machine

Valve Remover

Guishan Filling Plant
The plant has two vertical liquid gas tanks for nitrogen and argon, and two horizontal liquid gas tanks for oxygen and carbon dioxide. They are for filling the liquid gases production line.

CO2 Tank


 N2 Ar Tank

O2 Tank


Shulin Medical Filling Plant

The plant is set up two vertical gas tanks for O2 and CO2 to fill in the regular gases and liquid gases production lines. It also establishes gas laboratory with inspection equipment which are GC (Gas Chromatography), Oxygen Analyzer…etc, for analyzing the purity and impurity of gases. In order to maintain the excellent quality of our products, we also issue COA (Certificate of Analysis) reports by our professional trained analysts.






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